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For several years now, Liron Amram is working independently and has established his status as an exceptional performer,writer and composer in the local scene.

Amram gained a loyal audience and was defined by the media as an original creator who is making history by mixing old school Yemenite tunes with contemporary music, molding memories from his childhood with electronic vibes and a funky-groove interpretation.


These days Amram is working on his highly anticipated debut LP album,

while touring the country with his band “The Panthers”.

His first single from the album– “Halom Yashan” (Old Dream) was

          "The Most Played Song Of The Year 2017" by Israel’s top radio station,

          "Glglz".It was also named "one of the 2017 top songs" on the highly popular                 newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", and was ranked #1 in Israel’s  Shazam list.


                   Liron Amram and the Panthers’ concert is based mostly on Amram’s                             original material in Hebrew, alongside authentic Yemenis dancefloor hits                           inspired by his father - legendary singer Aharon Amram. All of these                             merge together into his live shows and create a unique experience                                   that any person can relate to.

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